Daiya no A

This couple is just adorable. 

Now, I am off to watch the next episode, 745.

hot captain tetsu ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ

Sawamura Eijun

Tetsuya Yuki

New characters:
Mei Narumiya and Harada Masatoshi.

With so many people, I’m not asking you to keep everyone in check.
You just need to lead.

HIRUNANDESU 2013.12.24 » KINDAICHI PAIR and their cute smile!

Anónimo whispered: Uhhhh alright this might sound dumb but, that diamond no ace scan with chris, eijun, and miyuki, whats the cover of that specific volume of the magazine look like? I ordered the one with kuroko and kagami on it, but i think i might have ordered the wrong one omg?

This is the cover of the magazine:

In the magazine only appears Daiki and Kuroko, i also think that you ordered the wrong magazine… u.u